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In the age of cell phones, Rundaq is here to serve you. Brand new cell phones are often expensive, and trying to find good deals can be a headache. Rundaq ensures the best prices in the area for quality devices.

Our products undergo a rigorous 27-point inspection by our in-house experts before they ever make it into yours hands. All devices that fail this inspection are sent back to the manufacturer.

We will never sell you a device that doesn't meet our standards. To ensure your satisfaction, we warranty all of our devices in the unlikely event of a malfunction, you're covered.

Broke your phone? Rundaq guarantees the lowest cell phone repair costs in the region. Take a look at our pricing on our repairs page. Call, walk-in, or schedule your phone repair online.

We believe in the importance of stewarding the Earth. Buying refurbished is environmentally friendly. 85% of all emissions from technology come from the original manufacture date. 

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