About Us

At Rundaq we're passionate about serving you. We make sure that you get the best device at the best price, and that you also get the best possible experience. 

Rundaq was founded in 2018 when we realized the market for people looking for affordable technology. From the beginning, our mission has been to offer like-new tech to people at a price significantly below retail. We make sure not only to offer affordable tech though. We also rigorously inspect all of our items to ensure full functionality and that the items work like new.

In early 2019, after offering affordable prices online and receiving great feedback from our customers, we wanted to have presence in our local community. We did research on other businesses in the area, and found that we could offer unbeatable prices. And not just a little less than our competitors. From other retailers in town, our prices on average are 20-50% lower (we've even found items we stock that rank in at 250% lower in price). 

We don't just sell products though. We also offer repairs on all types of devices. Our speciality is Apple, and because of that... our Apple repair prices are also between 20-70% below other companies in town. 

Our base pricing is also guaranteed by a price match guarantee. We will match any pricing (even promos) that other companies are offering, and drop the price an additional $5. That's our lowest price guarantee. 

For too long companies have been taking advantage of their loyal customers and we think enough is enough. Our aim is to be 100% transparent with you. We will not try to up-sell you. We will not try to give you a bunch of add-ons you will never need. We will never sell you a device and not stand by our product. 

So what are you waiting for? 



Refund within 14 days for refurbished products, with a 10% restocking fee, or free exchange.

New Merchandise that is accessories are non returnable. New Devices can be returned within 7 days for a 25% restocking fee.