Phone Protection

We know it can be nerve racking when your phone is dropped. Rundaq's phone protection is here to help ease your mind.  Come into the store and add Tempered Glass Protection to your device or sign up for our 1-year or 2-year Protection Plans for your cell phone.
Tempered Glass

Add extra protection to your phone screen from being scratched, scuffed, or destroyed. Tempered Glass protection is offered at Rundaq. 

  • One time application - $14.95
  • Lifetime protection - $22.95

Got a new phone within 6 months of buying our lifetime protection? Simply transfers your Tempered Glass Lifetime protection to your new phone for only $11.95!

 Apple iPhone Protection Plans

First Standard Deductible FREE with 2-year Protection Plan!

Phone 1-year Protection 2-year Protection Standard Deductible Max Deductible
iPhone 6s $34.95 $59.95 $9.95 $39.95
iPhone 6s Plus $39.95 $69.95 $19.95 $59.95
iPhone 7 $49.95 $79.95 $24.95 $69.95
iPhone 7 Plus $59.95 $89.95 $29.95 $89.95
iPhone 8 $64.95 $89.95 $29.95 $89.95
iPhone 8 Plus $69.95 $104.95 $34.95 $99.95
iPhone X/XR $79.95 $119.95 $69.95 $199.95
iPhone XS/11 $89.95 $139.95 $79.95 $229.95
iPhone XS Max $99.95 $159.95 $139.95 $299.95


Why choose us?

All of our repairs are done in-house so you don't have to wait a week for mail-in repairs from the major carriers. Our pricing is significantly more affordable with low cost deductibles, and we use exclusively OEM parts meaning no cheap repairs!

Standard claims would include:

  • Screen Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Front/Back Camera Replacement
  • Basic Speaker Repair

Other non-standard claims:

  • Excessive damage
  • Destroyed device
  • Logic board damage
  • Other damage 


This insurance plan is issued by RUNDAQ LLC as a sole entity and not endorsed by any other company. By signing up you agree to all of RUNDAQ LLCs terms and conditions. Devices purchased from us, and devices brought to us are both eligible to be insured from our protection plans. Devices brought to us must first pass our 27-point inspection before they can be insured. Rundaq protection plans do not cover loss or theft. We reserve the right to cancel your insurance at any point. Insurance is valid for you up to 20 days after missed payment of insurance, after which your insurance is invalid and devices are not covered. Payments made greater than 20 days late are subject to a $9.95 reactivation fee if your device is damaged. We reserve the right to deny insurance to you at our discretion. All rights reserved.